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The Impact of Open Neon Signs: Attracting Customers and Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

By NeonChampSeptember, 18 2023

Open Neon Signs

The Power of Open Neon Signs  

As we explore the power of open neon signs, it's important to remember that these luminous symbols are more than just eye candy. They are an effective, memorable, and dynamic way to announce your presence, create an inviting atmosphere, and distinguish your business in an ever-competitive market. 

1. Captivating Passersby  

At first glance, the mesmerizing glow of an open sign for business is a way to catch the eye of someone passing by. Yet, its influence extends much further than that. These radiant signs can pierce through the visual noise of a bustling city, drawing attention like a beacon. The vibrant hues of LED open signs stand out starkly against the gray urban backdrop, making your business visible even from a distance. It's like a constant, colorful shoutout declaring, "We're here, we're open, come on in!"  

2. The Psychological Pull  

But there's more to LED neon signs than their arresting visuals. There's a psychological element at play too. A neon open sign's soft, warm glow emits an aura of comfort and nostalgia. It's reminiscent of the classic American diners and vintage movie theaters, places associated with enjoyment, relaxation, and community. This connection can subconsciously make people perceive your business as inviting and friendly, urging them to step inside.   

 3. Creating a Welcoming Environment  

Open neon signs don't just attract customers; they set the mood before someone enters your premises. The effervescent glow spilling onto the sidewalk serves as a radiant welcome mat, breaking down barriers and inciting curiosity. Whether it's a cozy bookshop, a lively diner, or a trendy boutique, an open neon business sign sends a clear message of hospitality. It reassures customers that they are stepping into an environment that's open, friendly, and eager to serve.   

Open neon signs harness the power of visibility, psychology, and ambiance to create a powerful impact, turning a casual passerby into a potential customer. It's more than just an open LED neon sign – it's a strategic tool for enhancing customer attraction and interaction.   

Open vs. Closed: The Impact of Commercial Neon Signs 

1. Contrasting Effects of "Open" and "Closed" Signs  

At the heart of any business's day-to-day operations lies one primary objective: drawing customers in. The simplest yet most effective tool to convey this to potential customers is the ubiquitous "Open" or "Closed" sign. The state of these commercial neon signs, and their perception by customers, play a significant role in customer attraction.   

An "Open" sign is an invitation, an indication that you're ready and eager to serve. It's an unspoken promise of service and engagement. On the contrary, a "Closed" sign signifies an end of service, a barrier, a signal that customers must turn elsewhere.   

Imagine a passerby, deciding between your store and another, seeing your "Closed" sign while the competitor's "Open" sign glows invitingly. The choice becomes effortless, steering potential business away from you.   

 2. The Power of an Engaging Open Sign  

An engaging neon open sign can tip the scales in your favor in the tug-of-war for customers' attention. It is a warm beacon in the urban jungle, inviting potential customers to walk into your store and discover what you offer.   

A glowing neon open sign does more than simply convey that you're open for business. These LED open signs for businesses also work as a powerful branding tool, projecting your business's personality onto the street. It can reinforce your brand's image and make a memorable impression on potential customers.   

An engaging neon open sign can set your business apart in a sea of generic "Open" and "Closed" signs. Exuding a unique character and a welcoming glow transforms a functional message into an engaging invitation, helping you attract more customers and amplifying your business's appeal.   

Case Study: Successful Businesses Using Neon Open Signs  

Let's look at some successful businesses using open neon signs to their advantage.   

Honest Ed's - This landmark discount store in Toronto, Canada, was known for extensively using dazzling commercial neon signs. The crowning glory was a giant, flashing neon open sign unmissable from blocks away, drawing in customers like a lighthouse.  

Roxy Cinema Tribeca: This boutique cinema in New York City uses a radiant open neon sign to draw attention and entice film enthusiasts. The neon open sign, coupled with the classic art deco styling of the cinema, exudes an irresistible charm that enhances the movie-going experience.  

In-N-Out Burger: This iconic fast-food chain across the western United States has used the same classic, understated neon open sign for years. Such neon business signs' simplicity and familiarity provide a comforting constant to customers, reinforcing the brand's message of consistency and reliability.   

In all these cases, the open neon signs serve as a unique identifier that sets these businesses apart from their competitors. They contribute to brand identity, create a welcoming atmosphere, and attract more customers, highlighting the transformative power of these LED open signs for business.  

The Advantages of Custom Commercial Neon Signs  

Every business carries a unique vibe and personality; a custom open neon sign allows you to convey this uniqueness to the world. With customization, your open neon sign does more than announce your operating status; it gives your audience a glimpse of your brand's personality.  

1. Benefits of Customization  

Distinctiveness: Custom commercial neon signs set your business apart, ensuring you don't get lost in a sea of generic "Open" signs.   

Brand Reinforcement: Your LED open sign can integrate elements of your logo, tagline, or other design components that echo your brand ethos.   

Aesthetic Harmony: A open neon sign tailored to your specifications will blend seamlessly with your establishment's decor and theme, enhancing rather than clashing with your existing aesthetic.   

NeonChamp's open signs for business set the bar high regarding quality, longevity, and visual appeal.   

2. NeonChamp's Neon Open Signs: Quality, Longevity, and Appeal  

Quality Craftsmanship: NeonChamp commercial neon signs are meticulously designed to retain their brightness and impact over time.   

Long-lasting Luminosity: Made from premium materials, our neon business signs glow brightly, even with extensive use.   

Aesthetic Flexibility: Whether you're aiming for a vintage vibe, a sleek minimalist look, or a whimsical feel, our open signs for business can be tailored to capture your vision.   

In a nutshell, a custom open neon sign from NeonChamp offers more than functional utility. It enhances your brand visibility, complements your aesthetic, and creates a welcoming ambiance that can entice potential customers and leave a lasting impression.   

Tips for Making the Most of Your Neon Open Sign   

Getting a LED open sign is just the first step. To maximize its impact, place it strategically, choose the right design and color, and maintain it properly. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your neon business signs:  

1. Best Placement for Visibility  

Height: Your LED open sign should be placed at a height where it's easily visible but not so high that it's out of the direct line of sight for passersby.   

Windows: Placing your neon open sign in a window facing the street can attract pedestrians and drivers.   

Inside Placement: If your business is in a mall or building, place your LED open sign where it can be seen from the main walkways or entrances.  

2. Choosing the Right Design and Color  

Match Your Brand: Your neon open sign should align with your brand's personality. A funky, colorful commercial neon sign might be perfect for a hip coffee shop, while a classy, understated sign might suit a high-end boutique.   

Visibility: Bright colors like red, blue, and green are more visible from a distance, especially at night.   

Complement Your Decor: Choose colors that fit well with the color scheme of your business premises to maintain aesthetic coherence.   

3. Maintaining Your Neon Business Signs 

Cleaning: Regularly dust off your LED open sign with a soft cloth. A damp cloth can be used for a more thorough cleaning, but ensure the LED neon sign is unplugged and completely dry before plugging it back in.   

Timely Repairs: If part of your sign stops glowing, it's time to call in a professional. Timely repairs can prevent more extensive damage.   

Give It a Break: While commercial neon signs are designed for long hours of operation, giving them a break now and then can help prolong their lifespan.   

Incorporating these strategies can significantly boost the effectiveness of your neon open sign, helping to attract more customers and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your business.   


As explored throughout this blog, neon open signs play a powerful role in business, from attracting attention and drawing in customers to enhancing brand identity and creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a modest coffee shop, a buzzing bookstore, or a high-end boutique, well-placed and beautifully designed neon business signs can work wonders for a business's appeal.   

If you're a business owner looking to create a lasting impression and amplify your brand's visibility, consider how custom open signs for business could elevate your establishment's facade and make it more inviting to potential customers. Remember, neon business signs are often customers' first interaction with your business, so why not make it as impactful as possible?   

At NeonChamp, we offer an extensive range of LED open sign options that can be customized to represent your business and brand ethos perfectly. But we don't just provide products - we offer solutions. Our team of design experts is always ready to provide personalized advice on the best LED open signs for businesses to meet your needs, ensuring you make the most of your investment.   

A neon open sign from NeonChamp is more than just an LED sign. It's a promise of quality, an embodiment of your brand, and an invitation to your customers. Let us help you illuminate your business's true potential. Reach out to us today, and let's light up your business with open signs for business.