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Color Ring - LED Neon Colors (Voucher Included)

Color Ring - LED Neon Colors (Voucher Included)

Acrylic board
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A small color ring packed with mega boosters of color options is ready to arrive at your doorstep.

Wait... What is a Color Ring?

It is a tiny mini bundle of LED neon colors which is Neon Champ's exclusive edition designed for you to get the feel of different LED neon colors.

With this experiential LED neon piece, you get to visualize 26 different neon colors and make a choice of having the most loved color(s) custom neon signs customized online from NeonChamp.

What’s Unique About our Neon Color Ring?
  • Help decide the final custom neon signs color
    Pre-order a neon color ring before placing the final custom neon LED sign of your choice and we ensure you get exact color matched.
  • Match the color options as per your décor /venue
    Want to plan the décor of your home or business space with custom LED neon signs? Place a color ring to choose the LED neon colors complimenting your final décor.
  • Surprise someone who loves colors
    Does your special someone love colorful things? Gift color ring LED neon piece and get ready to gain compliments.

Placed color ring neon piece? Choose your favorite color and place a custom neon LED sign order separately from NeonChamp and we will provide a voucher for the cost of color ring i.e., $30

Color ring works as a Neon Light sample to give you feel of custom neon sing color. Get your color ring in 26 unique and exciting colors and comes with an adapter too.

Get to know in and out about exclusive Color Ring:
  • Color wheel Size: 10" in diameter
  • Box Dimensions: 12" x 12" box
  • Material: Same as other neon signs. Each sign is made of neon flex material, with PVC or silicone piping with LED lights, mounted on a recycled acrylic board.

Place your color ring order from NeonChamp and choose your shipping preference – we will ship Color Ring immediately so that you get it in no time to your doorstep in the USA.

Once your order of color ring arrives and you decide on a color to place another large, medium, or small neon sign from NeonChamp – you get a voucher of $30 right away.

Shipping Details

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

We know you are excited to receive your color ring, which we pack with loads of love. But what’s inside should not be a mystery to you, that is why we uncover all the details.

This color ring piece we send is well-equipped with clear acrylic boards having pre-drilled holes and SS mounting screws which makes hanging easy. Also, the neon piece is clubbed with a power cord which you can attach to power adapter.

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

Glow Your Neon Sign in Style with NeonChamp


First begin by plugging in the power adapter

Insert the power adapter safely to ensure that the neon light get started as you want


Next, connect the power adapter output to RF Controller

Now that the power adapter is safely inserted it's time to connect the power adapter to RF controller


Now connect RF Controller output to the Neon Connector

Next, connect the RF controller to the neon connector which is a very simple process and won't take much time


Adjust Brightness with remote controller and done.

Set the brightness using a remote controller according to your décor or mood and get it started.

Why NeonChamp

  • Energy & Cost Efficient

  • Free Delivery

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • Save & Secure Checkout

Bringing Experiential Color Ring

To make your decision of choosing the color of custom LED neon sign easy!