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Lit Up Your Space with Trending Multicolor Neon Sign

Decor your room wall with these amazing neon signs, which do not add just colors to your room but bring positive energy to you as well. All the neon signs are safe to use and do not heat up. We bring you an easy-to-use design tool to customize Flow-Mo Neon Sign as per your taste and requirements.

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Buy Flow-Mo Neon Sign for Any Space

Neon Glow Lights

Welcome your guests or customers to your dinner café, bar, clubs, corner-side motels, and poolside with eye-catching Flow-Mo multicolor Neon glow lights made up with advanced LED tubing technology.

Colorful Wings Neon Sign

Customize multicolor wings neon signs and mount them on a prominent spot like just above your sofa set in the living room or over the fireplace. The funky accent custom Flow-Mo sign will surely spark conversations once your guests arrive.

Music Flow-Mo Sign

Designed to further excite the vibe of your gallery walls, these custom music glow signs will make the night simply magical. For extra fun, customize neon Flow-Mo signs in rainbow colors and brighten up the space.

Multicolor Neon Sign

Pick a quote or choose an art – no matter whatever you want to mount on your walls, a multi-color neon sign is best for decorating your kid’s room. NeonChamp ensures that you get neon signs in brilliant color changing options.

Why NeonChamp

  • Custom Designed

    Design your custom LED neon signs USA with distinctive styles and sizes.

  • Energy & Cost Efficient

    Do not worry about its power consumption, it is easy on your pocket and saves your consumption expenses.

  • Durable

    We use premium quality material and ensure top technology amalgamation to make Neon Lights more durable.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy to install with our super cool mounting hardware.

  • Free Delivery

    Get free delivery on your orders, so grab your LED signs now.

  • Free Returns

    If any damage occurs, we have a relaxed return policy for the ease of our customers.

  • 3 Years Warranty

    Do not be amazed as we have 3 years of warranty on every custom LED flex design.

  • Save & Secure Checkout

    Introducing the world’s safest payment method that provides security for every transaction.

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All You Need to Know About Flow-Mo Signs

How can I make a personalized glow sign

Visit NeonChamp.com and go to the custom tool to design your personalized glow sign in your preferred style and color. If you need special customization options, just drop us an email with your exact requirements at cs@neonchamp.com and we will connect with you.

What makes neon signs glow?

Owing to the tiny amount of neon gas, it has neon atoms that strip away when electricity provides energy. As soon as neon atoms gain energy, they glow.

Are the Flow-Mo signs durable?

Flow-Mo signs are extremely durable and have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. These multicolor neon signs are made of extremely high quality and that is what makes it even more durable.

What's Included with my multicolor neon lights?

Attached with a power cord, your Flow-Mo sign has pre-drilled holes making the mounting an effortless process. You also get SS mounting screws and magic controller along with your multicolor neon lights.