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Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat

Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat

  • Cool White
  • Pure White
  • Warm White
  • Blue
  • Blue + White
  • Green
  • Green + White
  • Yellow
  • Yellow + White
  • Purple
  • Purple + White
  • Light Purple
  • Orange
  • Orange + White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow + White
  • Hot Pink
  • Hot Pink + White
  • Girl Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Ice Blue
  • Ice Blue + White
  • Red
  • Red + White
  • Turquoise
  • Tropical Green
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Cast a spell of enchantment over your Halloween festivities with our Halloween LED Neon Sign Witch Hat. This bewitching and eye-catching neon sign is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor, adding a dash of witchy charm and a mesmerizing glow to your spooky celebrations.

Best Places to Install Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat
  • Backyard or Patio
    If you're hosting an outdoor Halloween party or gathering, consider hanging the neon witch hat in your backyard or on the patio to extend the magical theme outside.
  • Photobooth Area
    If you're setting up a Halloween-themed photo booth for guests to take pictures, the neon witch hat can serve as a fantastic backdrop, adding a magical touch to photos.
  • Haunted House Decor
    If you're creating a haunted house experience in your home, use the neon witch hat strategically to enhance the mystical atmosphere in dark corners or eerie passages.
  • Front Door or Entryway
    Placing the neon witch hat near your front door or entryway instantly welcomes guests and sets a magical tone for your Halloween festivities.
  • Living Room
    Hang the neon witch hat in your living room as a focal point, creating a bewitching atmosphere for gatherings and parties.

Installing a Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat can add a touch of enchantment and mystique to your Halloween decor.

  • Easy Installation
    The sign comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, making it a breeze to hang on your wall, door, or window. Simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and watch as it instantly transforms your space.
  • Energy-Efficient
    Our LED neon lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy the mesmerizing neon effect without worrying about excessive power consumption.
  • Versatile Decor
    Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or just want to add a touch of witchy magic to your home, this neon sign is versatile enough to complement any Halloween-themed setting. It's also a great addition to witch-themed parties and haunted houses.

When you buy LED Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat Lights from NeonChamp, you can expect your order to arrive promptly anywhere in the USA. Whether you choose the rush or standard shipping option, we do our best to get your Neon Signs to you as soon as possible!

To safeguard your delivery, we offer a non-confusing clear refund policy. In addition, you can reach out to us for a full refund if the neon lights are faulty or damaged during transit.

Shipping Details

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

We know you are excited to receive your custom Halloween LED Neon Witch Hat, which we pack with loads of love. But what’s inside should not be a mystery to you, that is why we uncover all the details.

All the Neon signs that we send are well-equipped with clear acrylic boards having pre-drilled holes and SS mounting screws which makes hanging easy. Also, the neon signs are clubbed with a power cord which you can attach to power adapter. Also, you get an option to adjust the brightness of your custom-made neon sign via a remote controller.

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

Glow Your Neon Sign in Style with NeonChamp


First begin by plugging in the power adapter

Insert the power adapter safely to ensure that the neon light get started as you want


Next, connect the power adapter output to RF Controller

Now that the power adapter is safely inserted it's time to connect the power adapter to RF controller


Now connect RF Controller output to the Neon Connector

Next, connect the RF controller to the neon connector which is a very simple process and won't take much time


Adjust Brightness with remote controller and done.

Set the brightness using a remote controller according to your décor or mood and get it started.

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Elevate your Halloween with a magical glow – our LED Neon Witch Hat

Add enchantment to your Halloween decor with our LED Neon Witch Hat